May 2017
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1523 W. Cary Street, Richmond, VA, 23220 (804) 355-4100
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Paint and Rust Removal
is Our Specialty

Outdoor wrought iron furniture, shutters, doors, trim, iron radiators, pools,

tanks, heavy equipment, and paint removal from just about everything!

Get To Know ASCo


ASCo is celebrating over
30 years in Richmond.

ASCO was founded in 1986 as an alternative way to remove paint and rust effectively and inexpensively. Our patented process is effective on just about any surface.


We are ready to put our 30+ years of experience to work on your site!

American Stripping and Coating Company of Richmond LLC  ASCo provides the highest quality restoration and refinishing services in the State of Virginia and Surrounding States. 

Here at American Stripping Co. you can count on our friendly staff to refinish your project with the industries best materials and workmanship.  We have over 30 years experience in the Blasting, coating and wood stripping Fields IN HOUSE OR ON SITE.  Call us at (804) 355-4100 for more information.

Over 30 Years Experience
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Locally Owned & Operated
Grit Blasting

Our patented blasting process is effective in removing paint, rust, and just about anything on any surface: metal furniture, automobiles, trucks, auto parts big or small, cinderblock, stone, rubber, frosting glass, redwood and more.

Wood Stripping & Refinishing

ASCO strips all woods, including shutters, trim, DOORS, and is gentle enough on veneers, inlays, etc. using the safe and economical COLD flow over method. This method removes all types of paint and finishes. The cold flow over method is safe on all woods and will not raise grain or remove glues like the hot strip method can.

Coating Applications

All items grit blasted or chemical stripped can be primed and/or painted using numerous types of single and multi-stage coatings. Items will be bare metal once blasted and need to be primed preferably the same day or flash rusting will occur. We offer a recoating service for metal IN HOUSE OR ON SITE and wood items.

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