Chrome Spray Application Services Based in Richmond, VA

Spraying Your Project with A Premier Finish

After getting your metal surfaces stripped, you have the option to coat the bare surface with a “spray-on” chrome finish to colorize and beautify your restoration project.

American Stripping Company of Richmond’s specialty coating services can use chrome spray to add a durable layer to your metal surface that protects your piece from the elements while giving it a fresh new look.

Whether you want a simple chrome finish for your project or a flashy candy color to make your piece stand out, we have the tools and techniques required for a proper coating.

Let American Stripping’s specialists give your metal surface a brand-new look with a chrome spray application.

What is “Spray-On” Chrome?

Most metal and other non-porous surfaces require certain paints and primers to guarantee the finish sticks to the material and doesn’t peel, chip or wash away. Chrome is a preferred finish, and coating specialists have found a way to spray the material directly onto surfaces.

After covering the bare metal with a base coat, American Stripping’s technicians use a specially designed and patented system that applies a water-based silver solution to affix the chrome finish. A clear topcoat is then added for extra protection, and the chrome process is complete.

American Stripping Company of Richmond uses spray chrome finishes and are trained and certified to apply spray chrome to all types of surfaces.

See the Beauty of Spray Chrome for Yourself

Benefits of Chrome Spray

In addition to the beautiful range of colors you can choose from with chrome spray, there are many benefits to applying a spray-on chrome finish to your surface.

The material is:

  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Reflective
  • UV Resistant
  • Weather Resistant

Central VA Spray Coating Specialists

As a premier restoration company in Central Virginia, American Stripping Company of Richmond is well-versed in specialty coatings for your projects.

Our specialty coating technicians are certified to apply premier chrome spray finishes to various materials.

American Stripping Company of Richmond has been in business for over 40 years, giving our specialists decades to master their craft. They pay attention to every detail, down to the last nut and bolt.

When you choose American Stripping Company of Richmond, you’ll receive quality work from a staff that’s dedicated to the craft. All you have to do is pick a color and show off your project’s shiny new surface.

Restore What Matters Most

Add years to your piece’s lifespan by removing dirt and rust and stripping the surface to its original condition. If you want to take it one step further, our specialty coatings can be applied to complete the look.

American Stripping Company of Richmond has been established in the community for over 40 years. Our technicians have wide and varied interests including automotive restoration, firearm preservation and antique wood conservation.

Call us at 804-355-4100 or fill out the online information form so we can contact you, and we’ll help bring your restoration visions to life!

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