Professional Wood Stripping Services in Williamsburg, VA

Stripping Your Wood Surfaces to Bring Back the Shine

Are your beloved wooden cabinets or chairsstarting to seem worn out? Wooden furniture often gets dirty with time, and paint might peel or become dull—making pieces look less attractive overall.

When your home’s wooden doors or décor need to be updated, don’t rush to replace them or paint them with new coats of paint. Wood stripping is one of the best ways to bring new life to your favorite wooden items. By revealing the bare wood surfaces underneath earlier treatments, you might give them another chance at life.

American Stripping Company of Richmond is a premier restoration company that specializes in wood stripping services for people and companies serving Williamsburg, Virginia. Our professionals remove old paint coatings and varnish to bring back the original beauty of your wood surfaces. We have the skills to restore anything to its former splendor, whether it’s wood molding, antique doors, furniture, or a treasured family item.

To bring back the original beauty of your hardwood furniture, choose American Stripping.

Our Trusted Paint Stripping Process

To remove undesired paint and debris from your wood furniture, our team of experts uses a process called flow-over, or cold flow. This environmentally friendly technique uses a particular stripping solution to remove the surface finish. After all of the debris has been removed, the original material will be easily identifiable.

By carefully eliminating filth with our paint stripping technique, we protect your wooden surfaces and save you money all while keeping your beloved hardwood items safe.

With decades of experience in restoration, our craftsmen are experts at revitalizing wood antiques utilizing the flow-over technique. Your wood pieces will be flawlessly stripped thanks to the meticulous process our team of experts uses.

While American Stripping Company of Richmond does not offer other wood refinishing services, we have established strong relationships with companies in the Williamsburg, VA area that do. If your freshly stripped repair job needs any finishing touches, we would be pleased to help you find the best businesses to do them.

Discover the Benefits of Wood Stripping Solutions

Expert Wood Restoration Specialists in Williamsburg, VA

Our crew is dedicated to helping Williamsburg households and businesses restore their cherished wooden surfaces and pieces, operating as the leading wood stripping company in Central Virginia.

American Stripping of Richmond has been restoring wooden projects for more than 40 years, and our team has the skills and resources needed to assist you in restoring your wooden projects. Your furniture will last longer while retaining its natural beauty.

Bring back the elegance of your wood surfaces without sacrificing the substance or changing their inherent qualities. Find out the amazing outcomes our wood stripping specialists can accomplish for you by shipping or dropping off your repair project.

Restore What Matters Most

Add years to your piece’s lifespan by removing dirt and rust and stripping the surface to its original condition. If you want to take it one step further, our specialty coatings can be applied to complete the look.

American Stripping Company of Richmond has been established in the community for over 40 years. Our technicians have wide and varied interests including automotive restoration, firearm preservation and antique wood conservation.

Call us at 804-355-4100 or fill out the online information form so we can contact you, and we’ll help bring your restoration visions to life!

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