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Coating Your Newly Stripped Surfaces with Featured Finishes

When you have your project stripped, the bare metal surface is perfectly prepared for a fresh coat to complete its new look.

In addition to our media blasting solutions, American Stripping Company of Richmond specializes in coating application services that prime and coat your newly stripped surfaces. No matter the size or age of your metal pipes, vintage car or signage, it’s never too late to extend their life while updating their appearance.

Beautify your metal surfaces with a specialty coating that’s both modern and stylish.

We Offer Premier Specialty Coatings

American Stripping’s technicians are trained and experienced in priming and applying a variety of coatings to your bare metal surfaces. Some of our specialty coatings include:

Spray Chrome

Chrome spray is a spray-on finish that colorizes and beautifies your hard surface restoration project.

Learn More About Spray Chrome

Powder Coating

While American Stripping of Richmiond does not offer this service ourselves, we have partnerships with other refinishing companies that do. Give us a call and we can get you in contact with them. 

Hydro Dipping

Not offered at this time. We plan to launch this service in the foreseeable future. Thank you for your patience!


Cerakote™ is a ceramic-based film coating that provides durability and corrosion protection for your hard surfaces.

Learn More About Cerakote™

Epoxy Primers and Paints

Give us a call and ask about the different epoxy primers and paints we can use to coat your surfaces. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Don’t see a technique you like? Give us a call – even if we can’t do the coating for you, we have spent years cultivating partnerships and relationships with other companies that can.

Look at the Beauty of Our Work!

Central VA Restoration and Coating Experts

Surface stripping is just the first step in a full restoration project.

Once your metal piece goes through media blasting, you have very little time to paint the surface before flash rusting can occur. American Stripping’s technicians are quick and efficient at re-coating your project in a timely manner.

You can choose between several options for both single and multi-stage coatings. Our expert technicians can apply spray chrome, Cerakote™ and more – we’ll walk you through which type of paint and spray-on method is the best to use for your specific purposes.

With over 40 years of experience in the restoration industry, American Stripping Company of Richmond is a premier source for coating application services in Central Virginia. You can expect diligent work and quality results from professionals who pay attention to the smallest of details.

Homeowners and industry professionals alike are satisfied with American Stripping’s specialty coatings and have been for decades. We can give your metal surfaces an attractive, clean new look.

Restore What Matters Most

Add years to your piece’s lifespan by removing dirt and rust and stripping the surface to its original condition. If you want to take it one step further, our specialty coatings can be applied to complete the look.

American Stripping Company of Richmond has been established in the community for over 40 years. Our technicians have wide and varied interests including automotive restoration, firearm preservation and antique wood conservation.

Call us at 804-355-4100 or fill out the online information form so we can contact you, and we’ll help bring your restoration visions to life!

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